4 Smart Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

Have you ever made it to work in the morning and thought, “Did I remember to lock the door? You’re not alone: With so much going on throughout our days, we can’t remember everything. Fortunately, smart home technology helps us to catch things that may have missed and even take action from anywhere in the world. Check out these four devices that will help keep your family safe and let you leave home with confidence.

Smart Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors:

Smoke detectors help save lives by giving you an audible alert that something is wrong around your home. Smart smoke detectors take those alerts to another level. They have the ability to detect carbon monoxide built right into their systems, which can save you money on multiple alarms. Most smart smoke detectors can push alerts to your phone in real-time and let you know if something is wrong and even remind you that the batteries are getting low. No more of those annoying beeps.


Smart Surveillance Systems:

Home monitoring systems and surveillance systems can help you better monitor and control your home. You will be able to know when your children get home from school, you can view any room live on camera, and you will be aware of any potential threats or issues as they happen. These surveillance systems are ever increasingly more affordable and you can now monitor most of the cameras from your mobile phone or an online account even while you’re at work, with no monthly fees.


Smart Outlets:

Smart outlets are an excellent way that you can control power consumption throughout your home. They are extremely energy efficient and you can even set timers on many of the outlets to limit online activity levels and more. Smart outlets are an affordable way to make sure that your kids can enjoy TV and video games in moderation, and gives you the ability to control the power consumption throughout your home and more.


Smart Locks:

Smart locks combines safety and convenience into one familiar package. You can unlock your home from your smartphone or make sure that you locked up after you left the home. Kids lose their keys often? A smart lock makes re-keying as simple as logging into your lock’s app and changing the codes. The codes can even be set to expire after a certain amount of time for those guests who have worn out their welcome.


Home automation is becoming more available and more affordable than ever before. Now, technology that has been reserved for the rich and famous is accessible for anyone to enjoy. By using this smart home technology as a tool to help you remember your important but repetitive tasks, you can focus that energy on what matters to you the most while enjoying the convenience of controlling everything from your phone. Want to learn more about

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