5 Incredible Things Alexa Can Do to Help You Throw the Best Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl LI

In the early 2010s, home automation seemed to be a thing of the future yet it is 2017 and it is taking over the world by storm. After loads of research in the Internet of Things (IoT) and seeing potential in the home automation market, Google, Apple, and Amazon got into the race to become THE best home automation products manufacturer.

Since last year, Amazon looks to be winning this race with its home automation, AI assistant named Alexa. Moreover, Amazon is all set to feature Alexa along with its smart speakers “Amazon Echo” in its first-ever Super Bowl ad this year. The Super Bowl, being the most anticipated sports event of the year in the US, boasts the trend set by NFL fans and followers of throwing Super Bowl parties.

So, if you are an NFL fan and are going to throw a Super Bowl Party then Amazon’s Alexa can definitely help! Therefore, to educate our readers about the ways Alexa can make your Super Bowl Party more fun and exciting, in this post, we have compiled an interesting list of “5 Incredible Things Alexa Can Do to Help You Throw the Best Super Bowl Party”.

Plan the Party

Yes, Alexa can make suggestions on everything you would want to make your party great and memorable. You can ask it to do anything from making schedules for your party to making a list of the food and drinks you need to buy. Alexa is going to help you cover all the bases of throwing the best Super Bowl Party.

Play Great Music to Get People in the Groove

Music is the life of any party, and Alexa is not going to let you down. Combined with Amazon Echo, it makes suggestions for the music based on your interests and plays it whenever you request it through the voice commands. Therefore, Alexa is going to fill life in your Super Bowl Party.

Track the Score

Tracking score is another ‘skill’ Alexa has in its Resume. So no matter you are too involved in the party to actually watch the game, Alexa is still going to track the score for you and flash it on your television screen or say it out loud whenever you ask it to.

Control Your Television

Television is most probably going to be the device you would watch the game on along with all your guests. Alexa has this great ability to control the television and helps you use it without a remote control. It acts as a voice remote for your television and makes it convenient for you and your guests to watch the game instead of figuring out where your television’s remote control is.

Connect to Other Smart Home Gadgets

Alexa is all-in-one when it comes to helping you control all the other smart home gadgets. It connects with all of them to make you feel at ease during your Super Bowl party and forget things like using the oven yourself when you need some freshly made popcorn!

Hope you enjoyed the article and you can a check out the store for other smart home gadgets as well!

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