Strap that Pebble watch back on

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Since they were acquired by Fitbit, we thought that the Pebble watch would meet the same fate as the Revolv hub. Luckily, for those of you who are still hanging on to your Pebble, then you are in luck. The company just released a final update that will let you continue to use your smart watch without access to Pebble’s servers.

When Fitbit bought Pebble last November, many people thought it they would be left behind like the Revolv Smart Home Hub when they were acquired by Google’s Nest department. After acquisition, Nest then completely discontinued the hub in 2016, leaving their customers an expensive, red paperweight.

Pebble is one of the first, popular, smart watches created. It was so popular that in 2015, it broke more Kickstarter records than its first generation model. I had the pleasure of owning one of the first models, and I loved many things about it, but competition from the Apple Watch changed everything. Other successful tech companies take note; Pebble isn’t forgetting the little people who helped make them who they are today.



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