Verizon Brings Back Unlimited Data

On Sunday, Verizon surprised everyone with news that they are bringing back their unlimited data plan. As of 13 February 2017, they are going to be adding a Verizon Unlimited tier in addition to their current data sizes of 2MB, 4MB, 10GB, 18GB and 26GB. This new plan will give you unlimited US data, calls, and texting for $80 per month. If you have more than one line, then the plan starts at $45 for a 4 lines and increases in price depending on how many phones you are adding.

Heavy data users are still subject to throttling after 22 GB in any given month.

You can add on another $5 per month for smart watches and tablets. They are also offering a TravelPass for customers that travel outside of the US. It will get you 500 MB for $10 per day. While there is more fine print, one positive benefit is that Verizon will not reduce the quality of streaming videos unlike their competitors.

After trying so hard to get all of the customers out of their unlimited data plans, it’s curious that Verizon is bringing back the offering. One reason could be that T-Mobile has been making a major comeback and it’s challenging the mobile status quo. Luckily for the consumers, competition is great because it means more options for pricy data. You can learn more about the new unlimited plan and the the fine print on the Verizon website.

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